BootCampWF rocks!  Want to know when I knew?  It wasn’t when I was sucking wind on the obstacle course.  It wasn’t when the wind blew right through my three layers.  It wasn’t when you said, “Do the obstacle course again!”  It was when I was lying flat on my back with my abs screaming, and all I could see was brilliant blue sky with a few leaves floating by.  Wow, you won’t find that at the gym!

- Lisa, Westfield

I would like to thank you for BootCampWF.  You guys are awesome, your support and encouragement is what makes the difference.  I have celebrated a lot of FIRSTS as a result of signing up for your program that I would like to share with you; 1. 1st exercise program that I really enjoyed and didn’t want to quit after a couple of weeks. 2. 1st time ever using a hotel gym while I was away; can’t quite believe that I actually packed my sneakers. 3. 1st time coming out to exercise in the rain. 4. 1st time paying attention to what I eat while exercising as opposed to eating more because I was working out. 5. 1st time that I now believe that I am really on my way to a healthier life. 6. Most Important- 1st time hearing my hubby and kids really proud of my efforts :) You guys really are the best, you create a wonderful supportive environment where you can get to your fitness goals on your own time. Thanks so much. 12 LBS down and counting!

- Geraldine Keogh, Scotch Plains

I went back to the gym following my first 6-week session of BootCampWF and everything seemed easier — I was able to do so much more.

- Liz Campanile, Westfield

The proof is in the numbers — not only do I feel better after 6 weeks of BCWF but I lowered both my total cholesterol and LDLs and  raised my HDLs.  Even my doctor was impressed!!

- Anne Alliegro, Westfield

BootCampWF is an awesome class.  I have been at it for about a year and have gotten into the best shape of my life, at 40!  I have dropped close to 20 lbs and have Chris and Kathy to thank for that.  The classes can be as challenging as you want them to be and are varied so you don’t get bored like you can from the typical gym or treadmill workout.  Exercising outside (even in frigid temperatures) and in a group setting are a big plus.  Chris and Kathy give you the motivation to push yourself beyond what you would normally do on your own.  Without that motivation I wouldn’t otherwise get up at 5:30 in the morning to workout or stick with a program for this long.

- Rich Pardo, Westfield

I am surprised at how much fun BootCampWF is — challenging but really fun.  Doing this outside really adds a different dimension to the workout.  I don’t think I could exercise so strenuously in wet grass at 5:30 a.m. if it weren’t fun.  And I’m becoming a stretching convert —  too bad it took me until age 56 to understand the benefits of stretching!

- Sheilah O’Halloran, Westfield

I have been doing BootCampWF for 18 months after my youngest son was born…it’s been a great way to supplement my running with some speed cardio and weight training, and in a fun way (love the outdoors)! It also helped me decrease my minute per mile running by about 1 1/2 minutes per mile! Thanks!

- Lynne Ainge, Westfield

My clothes definitely fit better because of BootCampWF! I also love driving home pre 7am and thinking I am just a lit bit ahead of the rest of the world at that moment.

- Molly McCue, Westfield

I love BCWF because of the people. My instructors and classmates inspire me to push myself further and train harder than I ever would alone. These friendships and the great workouts keep me coming back!

- Lisa Walsh, Westfield

Thanks to BCWF, I achieved my goal of finishing  the NJ half marathon in under 2 hours. You definitely helped with my speed and stamina.

- Molly, Westfield

Class is a blast, it’s like playground with a vengeance.  Keep it coming!

- Jane Schwartz

BCWF does for me what I can’t do for myself – it gives me the motivation to get up every morning and start my day with positive energy and enthusiasm.

- Troy Kelley, Westfield

Working out with “regular” people like me really motivates me.  Whenever I  finish a BootCampWF class I feel such a sense of accomplishment!

- Lani Lipkind

Top 10 Reasons To Go To BootCampWF 1.  Lost 12 lbs. after one session 2.  Cellulite disappeared. 3.  Body firmed, stomach contoured, and upper arms defined. 4.  Home by 7:00 AM after a great workout, energized for the day. 5.  Lifting 60% more weight after one session. 6.  Endorphins flowing. 7.  Motivating instructors. 8.  Friendly, encouraging group where all are welcome. 9.  Lowered my cholesterol 37 points in 2 months. 10. Clothes fit better. Shopping more fun. Wearing sleeveless shirts again!  I really like the comaraderie of BootCampWF.  

- Noreen Wickwire, Westfield

The farthest I have ever run is 1 mile, but I was able to complete the Spring Lake 5-miler because of BootCampWF, running the whole way.  

- Kerry Mooney, Westfield