Regardless of age, size, shape, gender or fitness level, we will help you get into great shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy, build confidence, and have fun while doing it! Outdoor exercise has been tested by a scientific medical study and has been shown to offer physical and mental wellness benefits over exercise in a gym. Practitioners of outdoor exercise enjoy an elevated sense of well-being, an increased level of vitamin D which protects against heart disease and bone loss, reduced symptoms of stress as well as an increased return on their fitness investment. The bottom line is…


BCWF Fall II Session-October 31-December 15

Beautiful time of year to workout OUTDOORS! No classes 11/10-12 & 11/24-26.

BCWF @ SRD (Springfield Rec)-Fall II Session-Nov 10-Dec 22

Finally, a NIGHT CLASS! The same great OUTDOOR workout, only INDOORS at the Chisholm Community Center, 100 S. Springfield Ave, Springfield. Fall II Session runs 11/10 – 12/22. Classes are Tues & Thurs @ 7:00 pm. SIGN UP NOW! http://bootcampwf.com/bcwf-srd/

Winter with BCWF!

Westfield ~ 1/4 – 3/6 (8-week session) Indoors at Surgent’s Elite

Springfield ~ 1/3 – 2/9 (6-week session) Tues & Thurs @ 7:00 pm, Chisholm Community Center

TeenBCWF – Returning July 2017

Since our 2016 program was such a success, look for TeenBCWF summer 2017! Any feedback appreciated!

BootCampWF is Westfield’s premiere, healthy-living, OUTDOOR fitness training program! A specially designed 6-week program, BootCampWF offers particpants a wide variety of complementary classes to achieve optimal fitness including BCWF, BCWF Extreme, BCWF Lite,  and BCWF TRX all done in the GREAT OUTDOORS of Tamaques Park in Westfield.

What to bring to BootCampWF

An exercise mat
Small hand weights (5-12 lbs.)
Water Bottle
Running shoes/sneakers
A sense of adventure